Metal Wall Art Ideas to Add Life to Your Bland Walls

Metal Wall Art Ideas to Add Life to Your Bland Walls

No one loves to stare at a blank wall all day. Well, not unless you are procrastinating or are lost in some deep thoughts! The walls of our home need a definition that is minimalistic and not too sharp on the eyes.

Gone are the days when we would rely heavily on solid wall paint or wallpapers to brighten up our walls.  A fresh coat of paint does not take a room so far anymore! It’s 2021, and wall art is the way to go about setting a tone on your dull walls. And what’s even better? Metal Wall Art!

We at Northshire believe that only the finest wall art piece deserves to make it up on the wall, and this is what all our wall art productsreflect.

We can’t deny the fact that finding that “pitch-perfect” wall art for the wall of each room can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, as we are here for you with not only the best metal wall art products but also ideas on how you can make use of each wall art piece of ours to set a style statement in each room.

Metal Wall Art and where to hang them?

Now that we have a mere idea of why metal wall art is worth investing in when you are searching for contemporary large wall art pieces, let’s look at how you can use each piece separately in every room of your house (even your bathroom!).


Our bedroom is the sanctuary to relax and lay back after a long, tiring day. Since the bedroom is a calm retreat separate from the rest of the home, the wall art should reflect this too.

For bedrooms, you can go for a minimalist design as only you will view it the most. It can be a one-liner quote or a small design instead of a large wall art piece. A thoughtfully curated metal wall art can have an immediate impact on lifting your bedroom’s overall look.

You can place it on top of your bed frame or any empty wall in the bedroom that you think is in dire need of some décor. Metal wall art is an accessory that can add radiance to your sleeping space.

Living Room

Now, the living room is the place that needs our close attention as you spend most of your day here. And not only just you, but the living room is also the most common place in the home where our friends and family members crash for a game night.

The idea for metal wall art in the living room is that it should be both functional and comfortable such that you can look at it all day long without being tired.

Mastering this area is a serious design challenge for some, but the following is one of the many metal wall art pieces by Northshire that you can consider for your living room. You can opt for large wall art pieces like maps or a metal wall art piece that holds the center of attention of the room.


Wall art in the bathroom? Yes, you read it right! It might sound like an absurd idea,but adding wall art to your bathroom can unveil your creative side. After all, the bathroom is the next place after the bedroom where we tend to release our stress in a nice, warm shower.

But again, when it comes to picking wall art forthe bathroom, we can’t just go for regular wall art like other areas of the home. Of course, no one would love to see a globe or map metal wall art in the bathroom!

You can pick something catchy yet simple, so it doesn’t look too weird on the bathroom wall. Typography wall art is a great option here such that your guests won’t help appreciate your creativity metal wall art scattered across each part of your home.

Home Office/Study Room

Since our home office and study rooms are usually smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house, we often tend to brush off the idea of decorating their walls. However, we all need a little motivation to work harder or study better, right?

With the right wall art piece, you can get your daily dose of encouragement by just looking up on the wall! Again, typography wall art is a good option here, but you can also pick something that inspires you or adds a calming effect to the room.

With a metal wall art piece that lifts the overall environment of your study room, you can also lessen the stress that often tends to build up while studying or working.

Outdoor Patio/Garden

Barbeque parties, get-togethers, or any small event; our outdoor patio has seen it all. So, why not add a metal wall art piece that will captivate anyone’s attention before they enter your home?

Outdoor wall art is not a tough nut to crack as you don’t have to go overboard here. You can pick a wall art piece that is not too fancy but still blends finely into the surrounding of your patio.

What makes Northshire metal wall art different?

Northshire only produces the finest metal wall art pieces with a luster that is hard to find anywhere else. Our pieces’ intense texture, strong physicality, and popping colors make it hard to keep your eyes off them while being in the room.

We exclusively prefer and deal in metal wall art over canvas or wooden art as metal wall art can fit in various room decors like no other.

Whether you are dealing with utilitarian décor or are looking for the perfect art for a rustic space, Northshire’s metal wall art pieces blend in like they were made just for your home.

Where canvas wall art hangs flat, the metal art pieces have cuts and dimensions that cast beautiful shadows on the wall when light falls upon them.

We work closely on the construction of all our pieces, so you get not two but three-dimensional metal wall art ranging from typography wall art to outdoor wall art. By choosing Northshire, you will indeed find an art piece that complements the décor of not only your room but your entire home!