After Watching This Movie, You Will Get Faith In Your Life

Indian Cinema is incomplete without the respective regional cinemas, and over the years, the South Indian Cinema has become more influential and popular. These days people love to watch South Indian Movies as they are mesmerized by the exciting storylines. But some people have misconceptions that all South Indian films only include action. Well, that’s not true because South Indian Industry has given us a lot of magnificent films that tell great stories. Stories, so superb that it mesmerizes us.


And so, the Telugu Industry has released some breathtaking masterpieces over the last two years. One such movie is Trance. Watching this movie will rekindle the ambers of faith in your life.  There are many Indian movies online on aha app.



Written by Vincent Vadakkan, the film is produced and directed by Anwar Rasheed. The film is based on the theme of religion and the commercialization of spirituality; the film’s plot follows the events in the life of VijuPrasad(FahadhFaasil), a Kanyakumari-based despondent motivational speaker, an atheist, who is hired by a corporate body to work as a Christian pastor.

The Background score by Jackson Vijayan and SushinShyam brings life to the scenes. The splendid cinematography by AmalNeerad makes it a much more exciting watch. 


The film, released on 20th February 2020, tells a spellbinding story in 170 minutes. The film begins by showing the protagonist Viju living as a low-profile Motivational Speaker in Kanyakumari. Troubled by his past, he lives with his mentally unstable younger brother Kunjan(SreenathBhasi). Despite going through financial troubles, he is a very ambitious person who wants to get to the top. When his younger brother hangs himself just like her mother, he finds it unbearable and decides to come to Mumbai to make his dreams come true. He expects a new beginning to his life, but what awaits him is pretty unexpected. 


In Mumbai, Viju is recruited by two evil corporate giants Solomon Davis(Gautham Menon) and Isaac Thomas(Chemban Vinod Jose), to be the spearhead of their new business plan – A wonder-working Pastor. They prefer him as an ideal candidate for luring people through religion because of his motivational speaking skills. They make him take a course on The Bible and the Christian faith under the guidance of Avarachan(DileeshPothan), who even changes Viju’s name to Joshua Carlton. From here on out, the story shows how Joshua becomes a god-like figure and how ordinary people are manipulated in the name of religion. However, when he is invited to a TV show by journalist Matthew Varghese(SoubinShahir) and asked to perform a miracle on live TV… everything goes awry. From there on, the film takes us on a rollercoaster ride. You can’t help but feel amazed by the breathtaking acting of FahadhFaasil and the fantastic storyline. This film explores the true horrors of society clinically. This film delivers fantastically without any problems and leaves the audience on the edge of their seats. 


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