Wallpaper Choice that truly Shine On the Walls

The new interior home trends speak for themselves: wallpapers are back in fashion and are used to decorate and define home environments in a modern style. Here’s where to apply them and how to choose them

Wallpapers: which one to choose for a modern home?

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but wallpapers are definitely back in fashion and are used to give a cooler and more detailed touch to the rooms of the home. Those who believe that these sheets to apply to the wall are something too old-fashioned are wrong, indeed at the moment they are very trendy, also thanks to the new application techniques and wallpaper singapore prints, more and more modern and particular.

Today, the wallpaper singapore can furnish a house with little , in a modern style and in a completely new and different way from that of the past. Therefore, there is no need to upholster every vertical surface; on the contrary, it is absolutely advisable to choose only certain areas that can give greater prominence to a structure to a certain type of furniture. Let’s see together what the best solutions are considering the individual rooms.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Unbelievable but true it is possible to apply wallpaper in the kitchen . The idea is to apply it on the wall opposite the kitchen furniture, to give a more colorful touch to this environment. Lately, however, there are many who choose to use this type of coating instead of the classic splash guard . In fact, there are many washable wallpapers , which can also be used over the sink and stove. As for the style to prefer, choose something that is not necessarily a kitchen theme, but a graphic plot.

Living room with wallpaper

The wallpaper in the living room is a must-have, but be careful not to overdo it. The suggestion is always to decorate only one area, a single surface, to avoid making the room too oppressive. The best place to place it is the wall of the sofa, so that this piece of furniture stands out even more. If this is not possible, you could place it around the fireplace or wherever you intend to place the dining table, to create an even more intimate environment that your guests will certainly appreciate. As for the representation, let yourself be conquered by what you prefer but which in the colors has some references or a series of objects and finishes already present.